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Africa is one of the biggest consumer markets in the world. It’s business landscape is constantly changing, with the introduction of new products, services and technologies. The African consumer has learned to be an adapter by necessity. So when faced with this changing landscape she does just that, adapts. This reality makes the African consumer hard to build for and to keep loyal to your brand. In a world that seems to take insatiably the value scale is tipped against the African consumer. We lean on data and technology to balance the scale, create trust, loyalty and unparalleled value for the African consumer.

The easiest way to earn cashback

Lumi is the daily rewards partner of choice for consumers all over Nigeria. We make it rewarding to be you with swift cashback for your everyday purchases.

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Insights You Need to Build Products at Speed

Building disruptive products and services requires the right data. Insiight provides product managers, market professionals and builders of all kinds much needed visibility into African consumer behavior. The wrong decision can be very costly so we invite you to make your decisions data driven with Insiight.

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